Come Sew With Us

Come Sew With Us

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Are you interested in completing your current sewing project with a helpful group? Open sewing classes at Amy's Fabric Treasures might be right for you. These classes provide a large block of time for you to work on projects, ask for assistance from a trained instructor and meet other passionate crafters. Our classes were designed to bring together our community and help everyone feel comfortable learning to sew.

Crafting a sewing community

Our owner has been working with fabric since she was seven years old. She then sewed professionally for over 22 years. Nine years ago, she decided to open our fabric consignment and sewing retail shop to provide a place where local crafters can come together. You can explore our services and opportunities for yourself by visiting our shop. You'll receive helpful instruction from our passionate staff. Plus, we offer sewing machine repair and service.

Learn more about our sewing classes and other opportunities now by calling 508-679-9301.