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Sewing away from home has never been easier or more fun thanks to Amy's Fabric Treasures. We offer a sewing classes at our Somerset fabric shop. Whether you’re a first-time crafter or you have years of experience with needles and thread, you can count on our sewing pros to help take your sewing skills to the next level.

Want to learn more about our sewing classes? Call 508-679-9301 now.

What can you expect from our sewing classes?

What can you expect from our sewing classes?

If you’re looking for a fun, affordable way to enhance your sewing skills, call Amy's Fabric Treasures today. We offer six-week sewing classes for clients of all ages and skill levels. We’re open for classes every day except Tuesday and Sunday.

For just $72, you’ll get:

  • One two-hour class per week with no more than four students per class
  • Help with your sewing project no matter the skill level
  • To pick what you work on for the duration of your course

Not getting the information or help you need from the class? We’ll help you find someone that fits your crafting needs. It’s unlikely that we can’t teach you the techniques you want to learn, but if we can’t, we’re happy to direct you to someone who can.

Contact Amy's Fabric Treasures today to register for one of our sewing classes.